Blood Tips

  • Drink plenty of water the night and morning before you donate.
  • Eat breakfast to help keep your blood sugar up.
  • Eat iron rich foods for 2 weeks before your appointment; for example, spinach, whole grains, eggs, and beef.
  • Avoid fatty foods for twenty-four hours before you donate
  • Avoid smoking on the day before donating. You can smoke 3 hours after donation.
  • Ask for a blanket if your hands or feet start to feel cold.
  • Have a snack after the donation.Rest for a few minutes enjoying your snack before leaving the donation site.
  • Eat a meal high in protein after your donation: beef, chicken or legumes are excellent choices.
  • You will not be eligible to donate blood if you have consumed alcohol 48 hours before donation.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for the rest of the day.
  • Nervous ? Read this :
    • Will I feel tired ?

      You will not feel drained or tired if you continue to drink fluids and have a good meal.
    • Will I be bedridden for the rest of the day ?

      You can resume all your normal activities, though you're asked to refrain.
    • Will I be in danger of having low blood ?

      If you are verified to donate by the doctor you will still have surplus blood after the donation.
    • Ahh - Syringes ! How much will it hurt ?

      No, you will not feel any pain.
    • Does one feel dizzy after this ?

      You will not faint or feel uncomfortable after donating blood.
    • Oh My God ! I'll get AIDS !

      No! Make sure disposable syringes are used and all measures are taken to keep you germ free.